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Leading With Purpose!

Leading With A Purpose.

Kyle Newton, President and Founder of SS Choice, LLC, lost several relatives and friends to regular cigarette smoking related diseases. Based on the causes of these illnesses, Kyle established SS Choice, LLC,  to develop and make available alternatives to smoking regular cigarettes. After extensive research, development and operational mandates, the 7’s Electronic Cigarette was launched in March 2009. The end result: An electronic cigarette that satisfies a smoker’s cravings with great taste, no tobacco, no tar, no odor, and does not emit carbon monoxide (second-hand smoke).

Loyalty Based on Customer Satisfaction

Through meticulous manufacturing specifications and a 3 Step Quality Assurance process, the SS Choice product line receives an overall customer satisfaction rating of 99.7%. The customer satisfaction rating is based on functionality, endurance, reliability, high service levels, with very low customer returns. Our customer service representatives and advanced computer systems substantiate our reputation of accountability and trustworthiness.

Our Background

Founded in 2008, SS Choice, LLC has grown to be a global supplier and manufacturer in the electronic cigarette industry. The company has established a commitment to creating unsurpassed quality electronic cigarettes that supports a vast product portfolio of smoker related accessories. Our business acumen continually strives to exceed our customer’s expectations. We combine the “Best of Everything” to bring our electronic cigarette smokers one of the most advanced electronic cigarettes in the market. Check it out SS Choice, LLC

Synergy, It's Included

The SS Choice, LLC,  Team consists of “International Leaders” with extensive backgrounds in: Electronics, Internet Technology, Research & Development, Pharmaceuticals, Operations, Quality Assurance, Customer Service, Inventory Management, Marketing, Graphic Design, and Distribution/Logistics. We practice a successful model of team management that is geared to augmenting our customers’ organizational objectives. The SS Choice, LLC,  Team is available to customize and tailor a program to fit your company’s objectives. Working together, the opportunity to commercialize electronic cigarettes, with timely decisions to meet your needs, is our primary goal.
If you have any ideas, suggestions or comments, please feel free to contact us. We always enjoy hearing from our valuable supporters.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Vape & Save

                                                               Vape & Save

Monday, March 3, 2014

Huge 7'S E-Cigarette Savings

                            Huge 7'S E-Cigarette Savings

7's E-Cigs, No Smoke, No Tar, No Odor

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7's - The Smoker's Smart Choice

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7's E-Cigs, No Smoke, No Tar, No Odor

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

PG/VG E-Liquids

                                      PG/VG E-Liquids

 7's E-Cigs, No Smoke, No Tar, No Odor

We at 7'S get many questions about PG and VG so here is a bit of an explanation. 

      E-Liquid is typically made by using 2 bases: 

Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG).   

Some e-liquid manufacturers have been combining the two bases to form a custom base.

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Nicotine and flavoring is then added to the base to form the finished product
     PG-based e-liquids are used more than VG-based ones.  Propylene Glycol is a tasteless and odorless substance, and  doesn’t affect the taste of the e-liquid.

  PG-bases are thinner than the VG bases; so they don’t clog cartomizers and atomizers as fast but do not produce as much vapor.  Personally I would take a higher amount of PG get more miles out of my hardware.

 VG-based e-liquids produce a thicker cloud of vapor than pG.  Other than the need to change cartomizers more often due to clogging. 

So yes you may have those massive hits but you will be spending a lot more on new equipment.

 A side effect of PG-based liquids is their tendency to cause dry mouth, especially when used frequently throughout the day.  


VG being so much thicker  results in a denser and richer vapor cloud, but  cartomizers and atomizers (or their heads) must be replaced in a shorter period of time when using VG-based liquids. 

Vegetable Glycerin does have a very subtle taste to it, which may alter the intended flavor of the liquid faintly.


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The most common combinations are 30% VG/70% PG or 20% 

VG/80% PG.  .  The combination bases generally result in smooth

, rich, flavorful, and dense vapor production, without decreasing

 the life of the cartomizer or atomizer in any substantial way.  

7'S ecigarettes carries a well balanced combination of VG and PG 

bases, that allows for a great vaping experience.

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7's E-Cigs, No Smoke, No Tar, No Odor

USA-Made and Chinese-Made E-Liquids Safety

         USA-Made and Chinese-Made E-Liquids Safety

  With the INCREDIBLE growth of electronic cigarettes the past five years, manufacturers of  devices and liquids have provided a massive supply for the electronic cigarette industry as a whole.  

The Smoker's Smart Choice">

Due to the massive cash needed to  manufacture hardware, the industry has seen a much greater surge in the average Joe almost mom and pop type set up to create the e liquids.

 This increase makes it hard to know the quality from the crap the good from the bad.  

One of the most debated topics amongst electronic cigarette users, is the country in which the e-liquid was manufactured. 

Although e-liquid is manufactured all around the world, the majority of e-liquids are either created in China or the United States.

With Chinese-made e-liquids,  the primary concerns is the  conditions of the lab in which the product is manufactured.  

At 7's ecigs in Dallas Texas the facility is treated as a true laboratory, as anyone entering the “Clean Room” must wear lab coats, shoe covers, gloves, hair covers, and face masks.  

Other brands, however, may not necessarily take the same precautions. 



   USA-made e-liquids, have stricter regulations. The FDA is currently underwriting more comprehensive regulations for the manufacturing and sale of e-liquid and electronic cigarettes in the Unites States. 

 As it stands today, all USA e-liquid manufacturers must use only Pharmaceutical-grade and United States Pharmacopoeia-grade (USP) ingredients.

Another concern with Chinese e-liquids is the quality of the products used and the ways in which the nicotine is extracted.  

Chinese e-liquid manufacturers have been found to use pesticide-grade nicotine as well as industrial Propylene Glycol. 

These  ingredients create risk to electronic cigarette users.  For this reason alone we highly advise sticking to a MADE IN THE USA company.

You see many consumers that try an e-cigarette the first time may go buy what they think is the better deal by saving a buck or 2 on some E-Liquid when in reality the higher grade made in the USA and E-liquids stored in glass bottles actually last longer and taste better.

 This is an example from 7'S ecigarettes as you can see they use the finest bottles to house the liquid it is bottled in the main facility and in-house so customers have no concerns over these issues. 7'S ecigs

 Many of the USA e-liquids available on the market today are run by individual manufacturers who create their liquids in substandard environments, such as basements, with little quality control. These companies will be gone soon enough as they are just riding the wave. Companies like 7'S over 4 years old have seen this before and welcome the day.

This causes issues with the final product, such as inconsistent nicotine levels.  

For this reason, the sheer fact that liquids are manufactured in the United States does not necessarily mean that they are superior products.  

So what you want to do is read up on your companies liquids. Check it out online or read reviews ask where it is made.

Likewise, all Chinese e-liquids cannot be dismissed as inferior solely due to the country in which the product was made. 

 Research the various manufacturers of e-liquids to determine which brands truly offer the best products. 

 After doing much research and reading up on customer reviews etc. We keep coming back to 7'S brand E-liquids and we were quite impressed at the bottling process the time and effort put into each bottle and the fact customers know what they are getting.

Been buying plastic bottles??? Time to move on just not worth it!

 7'S ecigs

7'S ecigs currently carries —over 28 flavors of the highest quality The bottle’s colored glass helps protect E-Liquids from degradation to maintain the content’s uniformity to the very last drop. -

In-House Design & Production.
High end equipment.

 7’s does  in-house capabilities. They have a highly skilled team that mixes and tests all 7’s proprietary flavors, but  also utilize only the latest, cutting-edge technology to fill and label all of the E-Liquids at Headquarters. 

The hands-on design process and hands-free production line allows for unbelievable flavor and maximum efficiency.
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Enjoy this video 7's made for us. If you do check out 7's premium e-liquids use offer code 7sFB20 for 20% Off your entire order. Lucky you!

Experience the Difference.

Natural flavor.

7’s incorporates natural processes to create pleasant tasting products for you, the customer. Prior to manufacturing, extensive research and development for all SS Choice flavors combined with precise levels of Nicotine, involve countless trials to assure that the proper blending of ingredients produce a smooth, rich taste. Consistency and uniformity from the first puff to the very last puff incorporate extremely highgrade quality food flavorings that make noticeable to the discerning smoker.
From our zesty menthol and superb tasting tobacco, savor our subtle hints of fruit and our aromatic blends applied to an array of popular flavors. Experience the obvious difference: Flavors with natural fortifications based on tried and true Company processes that yield what you deserve.
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7's E-Cigs - No Smoke, No Tar, No Odor

7's Square - Recharge your e-cigs on-the-go

7's Disposable E-Cigarettes

7's Disposable E-Cigs - 500 Puffs Each

7's Premium E-Cigarettes

7's Disposable E-Cigs - 500 Puffs Each

7's - Premium E-Cig Color Changing Switch

7's - Premium E-Cigarettes

7's Premium E-Cigarettes

7's - No Smoke, No Tar, No Odor

7's - No Smoke, No Tar, No Odor

Labels with Distinction.

Easy-to-read attributes.

State of the art equipment labels our Cobalt Blue Glass Bottles in-house. User-friendly labels clearly identify flavor and Nicotine levels. Enhanced graphics are applied to our labels to heighten brand awareness and allow for easy identification.
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Labels with Distinction.

Easy-to-read attributes.

State of the art equipment labels our Cobalt Blue Glass Bottles in-house. User-friendly labels clearly identify flavor and Nicotine levels. Enhanced graphics are applied to our labels to heighten brand awareness and allow for easy identification.
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