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7's The preeminent choice in E-Cigarettes

7's The preeminent choice in E-Cigarettes

7's E-Cigs, No Smoke, No Tar, No Odor

The craze taking over this industry is just getting started such a better alternative to real cigarettes and for those that can't just quit or need help these products can do just that this is the company in my opinion with the best innovative and quality products. Read On

Compared to regular cigarettes, E-cigarettes are cheaper in the long run, healthier for the smoker because they do not contain the dangerous chemicals and healthier for those around because there is no second hand smoke. 

Not to mention E-cigarettes are not a fire hazard like regular cigarettes can be. Depending on the brand of regular cigarette and your location, you can save as much as 80% compared with regular cigarettes. Each company has their own type or design of e-cigarette, but for the most part, the concept is the same.

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E-Cigarettes Choice 7's — Best Features
Has the most nicotine strength choices.
Lowest priced kit for the most E-cigarette Cartomizers.
Best for: People who want a nice and simple E-cigarette in either regular or hybrid style.

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How E-Cigarettes Work

Electronic cigarettes are also known as E-Cigarettes, E-cigs or smokeless cigarettes. Another common phrase for using E-cigs is vaping because the nicotine you inhale is in the form of vapor and not smoke. E-cigs feel, act and taste like a real cigarette without all of the ashes, smoke, tar and other chemicals that you get with a regular cigarette.

E-cigs are electronic because they are powered by a battery. This battery is activated by the atomizer when you puff on the E-cig which then releases a vapor that contains nicotine. You then get the nicotine like you would with a normal cigarette, but without the smoke and tar, only water vapor.

The Cartomizer of a regular E-cigarette is a single-use cartridge that has the atomizer installed and also holds the liquid nicotine. When a person inhales or puffs on an E-cig, the atomizer uses the power from the battery to turn the liquid nicotine into a vapor.
Regular E-cigarette from E-Cigarettes Choice 7's

There are also the hybrid e-cigarettes. They have a blank cartridge instead of the Cartomizer. You fill the cartridge with the liquid nicotine. You can also use a pre-filled Cartomizer with a hybrid e-cigarette. 

The liquid nicotine comes in different flavors including normal tobacco, menthol, chocolate, cinnamon and many other flavors.
Hybrid E-cigarette from E-Cigarettes Choice 7's

The Benefits of E-Cigarettes

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Regular cigarette smoke contains more than 4,000 chemicals with at least 50 of those chemicals known to cause cancer. A few of these chemicals that a burning cigarette produces include ammonia, hydrogen cyanides, nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide. These chemicals not only harm the person smoking the cigarette but also others around them with second hand smoke.

Regular cigarettes also carry the hazard of starting fires. Many deadly fires are started with smoking regular cigarettes in bed or throwing away hot ashes into a trash can.
With E-cigarettes, you do not have any of these chemicals or smoke and you also do not have the risk of fire since E-cigs do not burn like regular cigarettes. E-cigs are also much cheaper in the long run than regular cigarettes. 

E-Cigarettes Choice 7's

E-Cigarettes Choice 7's is a company that sells E-cigarettes and all of the accessories for electronic cigarettes. E-cigs accessories like starter kits, wall chargers, USB chargers, car chargers, flavored nicotine, disposable E-cigs and refills.
One Cartomizer is the equivalent of 25 to 30 cigarettes. The lithium battery is good for approximately 275 puffs per charge.

E-Cigarettes Choice 7's product line includes
  • One Kit, which is a low cost introduction to E-cigs. This package includes 1 rechargeable lithium batter, 4 Cartomizers, 1 USB charger and a storage box. The Cartomizers come in your choice of regular tobacco, menthol or blueberry flavor. The cost for the One Kit is $29.99.

7's - The Smoker's Smart Choice

  • Two Kit is their most popular starter kit and includes 2 rechargeable lithium batteries, 6 Cartomizers, 1 USB charger, 1 A/C wall charger and a storage box. The Cartomizers come in your choice of regular tobacco, menthol or blueberry flavor. The cost for this kit is $59.99.

  • The Power Kit contains a square personal charging hard case, 2 lithium rechargeable batteries, 16 tobacco flavored Cartomizers, 1 USB cord, 1 A/C wall charger and a storage box. The cost for the Power Kit is $98.95.

  • Stealth Kit has 2 lithium batteries, 6 tobacco flavored Cartomizers, 1 USB charger and a wall charger, storage box, 2 black skins and 2 cameo skins. The Stealth Kit cost is $64.95.
Power Kit from E-Cigarettes Choice 7's 
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E-Cigarettes Choice 7's also sells a Hybrid Kit which is an enhanced E-cigarette and delivers as much as 3.5 times more performance than their normal E-cigs. For a price of $99.95, the Hybrid Kit includes the following items:
  • 2 hybrid 650mAh batteries. These batteries are equal to 1000+ puffs per charge.
  • 2 blank hybrid cartridges for the enhanced vapor production.

  • 1 cone adaptor that is to be used with the E-Cigarettes Choice 7's pre-filled micro Cartomizers.
  • 2 bottles of E-cigs liquid.
  • 1 USB cord
  • 1 A/C wall adaptor to be used with the USB cord.
Stealth Kit from E-Cigarettes Choice 7's

Liquid Nicotine Flavors and Strength

You can buy the E-cigs liquid in many flavors and in five different nicotine levels. Some of the E-cigs liquid flavors include tobacco, menthol, apple, cinnamon, blueberry, chocolate, cigar, vanilla and many more.

You can get the liquid nicotine in the following nicotine strengths.
  • None – 0 mg
  • Low – 8 mg
  • Medium – 12 mg
  • High – 18 mg
  • Very high – 24 mg
E-Cigarettes Choice 7's Guarantee
E-Cigarettes Choice 7's has a 30-day money back guarantee. Before you return any product, you must first get a Return Merchandise Authorization number (RMA#).

7's E-Cigs, No Smoke, No Tar, No Odor

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