Wednesday, February 20, 2013

7'S Electronic Cigarettes on Pinterest

          7'S Electronic Cigarettes on Pinterest 

If you like sharing  with your friends then Pinterest is the social site for you. Pinterest is a virtual pinboard. Users  share pictures of things they like that they find online. The images can be categorized onto different boards around the theme of a set of images.

Why does 7'S use Pinterest?
Over the last few months we have seen an explosion on our social media sites so now you can find us everywhere!

We like Pinterest because it helps us see what our customers enjoy. Also we will start offering promos we enjoy building communities across the web.Whether it’s a particular ecig product, we want to know about it.  Perhaps we’ll find some other common interests.

How to use Pinterest
Pinterest is easy to use. Our 7s account has gained 4,000 followers in 3 weeks! Come Join us! You can set up an account using your Facebook or Twitter profile, or with your email address. 

When you’re checking out a new 7s product or mod you like and want to suggest it as a gift to your friends, you can pin it. Some websites have Pinterest buttons on their pictures which makes it very easy to put on your own board. All you have to do is click the Pinterest logo. A second Internet window will pop up with the image. Just click “Pin It”,

7'S Electronic Cigarettes on Pinterest

7S has pin boards on everything from electronic cigarettes, to cars and tech, even one just for Amazing Photos See all of our 23 boards by visiting JOIN US

What are you pinning? Share your Pinterest profile with us in the comment section so we can follow you!