Saturday, May 4, 2013

Electronic Cigarettes to Become a $3 Billion Industry

Electronic Cigarettes to Become a $3 Billion Industry

Heavy smokers rejoice, electronic cigarettes are here to stay.
What are they? They’re thin pipes that create an inhaled vapor by 
heating liquid nicotine from a disposable cartridge. 
Although similar in appearance to a standard smoke, they’re 
different in almost every other way.


E-cigarettes were first produced in 2003 but gained mainstream
 popularity over the years using the Internet as a medium. 

What began as a fad has quickly picked up steam and turned 
into a viable product that could potentially put a dent in regular cigarette sales. 
But why shouldn’t they? 

Electronic cigarettes are safer, less addictive, and a fraction of the cost 
of regular cigarettes. The growing popularity stems from the product’s 
unique ability to address the physical, social, and behavioral aspects of a
 smoking addiction. Millions of people are already reaping the benefits.

Research experts with Citi Tobacco believe regulations alone will not stand in 
the way of e-cigarettes on their way to becoming a $3 billion industry. 
Take a look at the market projections:



As the industry becomes an increasing area of interest for investors 
around the world, look for those numbers to continue rising. Currently, there are 
45 million smokers in the United States and 2.5 million e-cigarette smokers.

Out of the 2.5 million e-cigarette smokers, 31% made the switch altogether
 within 6 months. 

Compare that to the 95% of people who fail to kick the habit without a smoking 
cessation program and the choice is clear that you’ll need some help to reach your goals.

  A company that looks to continue its early success in the electronic cigarette 
marketplace is 7’s. They boast an extensive lineup of products to choose from 
and offer up to 85% savings on many of their selections. Their homepage is 
clean and easy to navigate so shopping is a breeze. They’re one of the first e-cigarette 
companies to offer a rewards program for return customers, and that’s in 
addition to their frequent money saving promotions.
Customer service at 7’s is friendly and responsive. Shipping is fast and easy to track. 
They have set the industry standard in product selection and available accessories. 
Countless flavors and mixing arrangements set the bar high, and the proof is in
 their testimonials and product reviews.

* 7s-e-liquid-flavors*

Whether you’re interested in an alternative to smoking or not, 
the fact remains: it’s a lot easier on your pocket, and who doesn't 
want more money?