Tuesday, June 11, 2013

7’s Ecigarettes Customer Review

7’s Ecigarettes Customer Review

IMAG0970 An Amazing 7’s Customer review from Brandon Ross 
Over the years, many companies have developed products and methods to aid in smoking cessation. 
These include nicotine patches, injections, hypnosis and meditation. Each method is ultimately designed to limit the amount of carbon monoxide and carcinogens that enter the bodies of smokers and those around them who happen to be close enough to inhale the toxic byproducts.
I have been a smoker for many years.  Having tried several methods to quit, the nicotine addiction overtook me each time.  I chalked it up, partially, to being weak willed or not actually wanting to quit urgently enough.  As I observed my peers, I noticed a great deal of smokers, I know personally, have managed to kick the habit.  When I approach them about their methodology, I was given a wide range of tools each respective person used to aid in quitting.  
At first, the methods I heard were things I have tried, which did not work for me.  Each person’s physiology is slightly different.  We all cope and respond differently based on numerous factors. 
During one of these conversations, the person mentioned e-Cigarettes.  I’ve always looked at these as a gimmick, sort of like the candy cigarettes we had as children.  This person explained that the e-cigarette combines methodologies to satisfy nicotine addiction, which can be decreased over time like the patch, and the oral fixation.  I decided “what the hell, I’ll give it a shot.”

After logging into the 7’s website the person had given me, I ordered one of the starter kits. A couple of days later, my order arrived.  I decided on two flavors, of which they have hundreds, tobacco and blueberry.  Yes, blueberry!  Why not be a little whimsical?  After taking a few puffs, I could immediately determine the benefit of this product.  The flavor was great, I was still getting the nicotine, and the only byproduct was a thick vapor that mimicked the smoke I was accustomed to.  

It was time to invest in a larger kit from www.my7s.com.  I’ve found the eccentrically flavored cartomizers were extremely good and made the experience even more enjoyable than real tobacco found in cigarettes.  I began to notice other e-cigarette smokers while out on the town.  From them, I was able to try other brands as well.  I still think, from what I’ve tried, 7’s are the best on the market.  



The full flavor, dense vaporous smoke, and a satisfying puff each time is the formula I needed, and 7’s offered this consistently.  

If you are reading this, and are considering smoking, do yourself a favor and go to www.my7s.com and get a kit.  No matter what your goal; to quit or cut back on the amount you smoke, these are truly a viable supplement.

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Justin Matthew