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7s Leads the Way for Electronic Cigarettes

                                     7s Leads the Way for Electronic Cigarettes

7’s Paves the Way for Electronic Cigarettes

At this point, you’ve probably at least heard of electronic cigarettes, but you may not know what all the fuss is about. In short, they’re a smart, low-cost alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes, and more consumers are choosing them every day.

E-Cigarette Basics
An electronic cigarette is a small battery powered inhaler that vaporizes a liquid nicotine solution, essentially simulating the act of tobacco smoking. The purpose behind them is to fulfill the smokers need for nicotine, while providing a safer, smokeless option.
7s anatomy electronic cigarette 7’s Paves the Way for Electronic Cigarettes 

Are they safe?
Recent studies have shown that electronic cigarettes may be up to 90% safer than traditional cigarettes, depending on the brand. Regular smokes contain up to 5,000 known chemicals, and e-cigarettes eliminate most of them, providing a viable way to placate the nicotine craving and reduce harm simultaneously.

Getting Started with E-Cigs
For those considering e-cigs as an alternative, the cost of entry into the marketplace remains very low. This alone continues to serve as a primary reason why people choose e-cigarettes over conventional smokes. With harm reduction and cost savings in mind, consumers now have nothing to lose when considering electronic cigarettes for the first time.
Originally developed in 2004, e-cigarettes are just now starting to take hold of the smokeless tobacco marketplace as more research has become available and people begin to see the benefits. The online leader that’s paved the way for the industry is a well-known brand, 7’s, a company by SS Choice, LLC. Its loyal fan base and large Social Media presence gave 7’s a distinct lead in the online marketplace.

7s logo 7’s Paves the Way for Electronic Cigarettes

A little background on 7’s

SS Choice, LLC (The Smoker’s Smart Choice) formed in early 2009. Prior to their inception, all previous competing products were deemed unsatisfactory according to consumer demand, exhibiting poor quality, less than desirable taste, and high defective rates. Kyle Newton, current President of SS Choice, LLC, set out to address these issues with the development of his own brand.
Within the first 6 weeks, SS Choice, LLC witnessed firsthand the overwhelmingly large demand for electronic cigarettes, and established 7’s to increase leverage in the marketplace.What began as a small home office operation soon turned into a 20,000 square foot warehouse in Southlake, TX. Since launch, the space needed to accommodate 7’s influx of daily orders grew by a staggering 13 Sq. Ft per day.

Key Points about 7’s
  • An intelligent global marketing strategy is in place to ensure long-term growth and sustainability.
  • The rapid growth is fueled by the ability of 7’s to adapt to industry changes and by continuing to meet and exceed consumer demands.
  • Product lines are available for every level of smoker, ranging from e-cigarette newbie to the “vaping” veterans, who are the “modders” and “hobbyists” of the e-cigarette world.
Product awareness has increased substantially of late. In the early days, most people didn’t know what an electronic cigarette was. It’s at the point where we now have a product that practically sells itself.

Impending tax hikes on traditional cigarettes in many states have helped the e-cigarette industry gain traction as a whole. Workplace and public policies involving smoking bans also play a major role in the success of e-cigarettes, and these trends will likely not change anytime soon.

Available Products
A beginner may be a little intimidated when looking at the slew of products and accessories available for e-cigs, but it’s actually very simple. When shopping online with 7’s, they even break down their products by experience level: beginner, experienced, and advanced. If you’re not sure whether this is the right long-term solution for you, 7’s would suggest getting your feet wet with the inexpensive disposable e-cigs.
7s banner disposables 7’s Paves the Way for Electronic Cigarettes

More experienced users will find what they’re looking for with the all-in-one kits. Here, you’ll find everything you need to get started:

No 7 E Cigarette Review 7’s Paves the Way for Electronic Cigarettes
Customizations are abundant on the accessories page of 7’s. Advanced users are bound to find everything that fits their smoking and modding needs, with the ability to add a little custom flare to their e-cigarette. Choose between several case designs, an assortment of flavors, or pick up spare parts for your e-cig. Pictured below is the “Hybrid Kit” for advanced users:
hybrid kit 7s 7’s Paves the Way for Electronic CigarettesEveryone knows someone who smokes. Make the right choice, and join one of the fastest growing industries in the world!
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Written by Daniel Stock of Monopolize Social Media