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Ecigarettes For Dummies Ecig Review

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Review Summary  Check 7s Out!   

Price: $59.95
Choice 7’s has earned FOUR STARS and is RECOMMENDED. Choice 7’s are very good e-cigs at a reasonable price, 

Kit Includes

  • 2 Lithium Ion Rechargeable Batteries with Amber LED
  • 6 Tobacco, Menthol or Blueberry Flavored Cartomizers (no options in Nicotine level)
  • 1 Quick Start Guide
  • 1 AC wall adapter
  • 1 USB charger
  • Compartmental Storage Box
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Perhaps the most elegant packaging in e-cigarettes that we have yet to see, the Choice 7’s Two Kit includes 6 Tobacco, Menthol or Blueberry High flavor cartridge/atomizers (no options in Nicotine strength), two 2¾” cigarette-style micro batteries, two bonus cartridge/atomizers in flavors and strengths of the buyer’s choosing (we chose Nicotine High), one Quick Assembly Card, an AC adapter and one USB charger.
Having opened the sleek, shrink-wrapped container, we quickly scanned the Quick Assembly Card for the Choice 7’s and after finding everything to be fairly standard, we attached a cartridge to one of the cigarette style micro batteries and took several puffs. We were happy to discover that the model produced a significant plume of white vapor and that the taste was pleasing.

The vapor volume that this unit was able to produce was phenomenal, far better than almost every other brand that we have tested thus far. The cigarette style 2¾” battery, also called “Micro,” is a small unit that grows orange at the LED tip when the cigarette is drawn upon and is comparable to the SmokeTip battery in size. It was very balanced, easy to hold and had a very comfortable feel in our hands.
WEBSITEWhile the taste — in our opinion — was not as good as Green Smoke, it did exceed the quality of the typical e-cig. It had some similarities to Green Smoke, however, the flavor was a bit harsher and probably better suited to long-time, hardcore smokers. We also believe that there are a number of smokers who will actually prefer the taste of these cartomizers and we concluded that this is a likely favorite for people who enjoy stronger and non-filtered cigarettes. The taste contained no chemical, vanilla or fruity overtones. It is very easy to draw on the Choice 7’s and this model operates quietly, without any of the noisome crackling and popping sounds that we have found to be common among other brands.
Cartridge/atomizers can be purchased for Choice 7’s in Chocolate, Coffee, Tobacco, Vanilla, Menthol, Strawberry, Cherry, Apple, Peach, Blueberry and Mocha flavors. Varying levels of Nicotine ranging from None to High can be selected for certain flavors. Other flavors are available in only one or two Nicotine levels

.Check 7s Out!   
One point of contention raised was the limited Nicotine level options. For example: while the Tobacco flavor is a available in None, Low, Medium, High and Very High Nicotine levels — Vanilla, a popular flavor, is available in only High or None — while Peach is only available without Nicotine.
While the general consensus at ECigsHQ is that the only two flavors that really matter are Tobacco and Menthol, we well realize that certain vapers prefer flavored cartomizers, if so, Choice 7’s may not be the best brand for them. However, traditional Tobacco and Menthol e-smokers enjoy the full range of Nicotine options in distinct flavors available at reasonable prices. Currently, 10 refill cartomizers cost $35.00 ($3.50 each); while 40 are available for $114.95 (only $2.87 each).
According to our estimations, even with a purchase of the Two Kit, maintaining a pack-per-day habit with Choice 7’s will cost just $3.68 each day, $25.81 weekly, $111.82 monthly or $1,341.88 per year. Evaluated solely upon the basis of the long term cost to use this product, we found this model to provide average value. When compared to the costs of using real tobacco products to maintain a single pack-per-day habit at $6 per day, $42.12 each week, $182.50 each month or $2,190.00 each year, however, we found that Choice 7’s users can save an estimated $848.12 each year, even before the many health benefits of swapping tobacco products for e-cigarettes are weighed in.
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The Good

  • Optimal vapor volume
  • Easy draw and quiet operation
  • Good tobacco flavor
  • Sturdy, two-part design

The Bottom Line

Choice 7’s has earned FOUR STARS and is RECOMMENDED. Choice 7’s are very good e-cigs at a reasonable price

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