Thursday, August 29, 2013

How to Win at Making E-Cigs

I am fairly new to the world of electronic cigarettes, but one thing has become abundantly clear, and that is that some brands just get it while others just...well...don't. One of the brands that gets it, and gets it so well is 7's E Cigarettes. From the image they've created and maintained for their brand to the way they distribute their product, they are quickly establishing themselves as the Apple of ecigs. You can order online (with free shipping!), choose from disposable AND refillable models, and if you have the spirit of a salesman, you can even sign up as an affiliate and sell their product for a very comfortable commission rate.

So what sets them apart? The people. 7's isn't just a brand, it is a community of people that want to make electronic cigarettes safe, affordable, professional, and attainable. The 7's team is constantly working to find the best ways to bring you the best products. In addition to pre-existing cost-saving measures, you would be hard pressed to find a time to order 7's product when their isn't an active sale to save you even more. August alone brought us a 10% discount code (7saugust) as well as a Mad Dash 50% off sale! Where else do you see this?!

It doesn't take long to see that 7's offers the best there is in the E Cigarette market. They have established a strong presence on every major social network in order to connect with their customers in as many ways as possible. You would be hard pressed to find a brand that has built a stronger community in such a short period of time. Don't take my word for it, though! Check out and learn why 7's E Cigarettes are the Smoker's Choice!