Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Don't Buy Cheap Ecigarettes

Don't Buy Cheap Ecigarettes

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Unfortunately, the mistake commonly made by many is deciding between affordable electronic cigarettes and cheap e-cigs.  

Here are a few pointers.

3 reasons you shouldn’t buy cheap e-cigs:

1.  Safety.  
So you’re looking for an alternative to your traditional cigarettes. That is a great and big decision!

You’re going to be inhaling vapor into your body as an alternative to smoke – don’t you want to be sure that vapor is of the highest quality possible? Make sure it is made here in the USA?

You can see that just by the hundreds of brands that are on the market. Some of these brands are sketchy, and fuel the e-cig controversy over the makeup and safety of the e-liquid inside these cheap e-cigs


2. Quality Counts.

Think about this in the bigger picture. You are purchasing an electronic cigarette for the first time for a reason. Your first experience with e-cigarettes will shape the way you are able to approach this goal of yours. 

If you aren’t getting, enough vapor, or great tasting flavors, you are just setting yourself up for failure. It is so easy to buy 1 of the 200 cheap brands out there just like buying a computer you can get the 6 year old banged up one that will turn on or spend the extra money for a smooth machine.

7'S E cigarettes Black Friday 35% Off Sale!
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3. Service and Support.  

When your cheap e-cig isn’t charging like it used to, you will  toss your cheapo  in the trash. The biggest problem with all this is that you may use your cheap e-cig as an example of electronic cigarettes as a whole, and never buy again.
The cheap brands are here to ride the wave and then disappear. By choosing a reliable brand,you will have the confidence and best chance to make this work.

The highly rated e-cigarette companies have customer service that will be with you every step of the way and give you every chance to successfully introduce this incredible device into your life.

Stay away from cheap brands

 E-cigarettes are now becoming more accepted and understood,  but the temptation of picking up the lowest priced product is still hard to overcome. 

At 7's we believe in quality and premium ingredients. You may pay that extra 12 bucks here or 5 bucks there but wouldn't you rather drive a 2013 vehicle then a used 1992 clunker? Once you try 7'S you will be a client for life.

Be sure to try 7'S now and we will see you again! 
7'S E cigarettes Black Friday 35% Off Sale! 
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