Tuesday, February 4, 2014

PG/VG E-Liquids

                                      PG/VG E-Liquids

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We at 7'S get many questions about PG and VG so here is a bit of an explanation. 

      E-Liquid is typically made by using 2 bases: 

Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG).   

Some e-liquid manufacturers have been combining the two bases to form a custom base.

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Nicotine and flavoring is then added to the base to form the finished product
     PG-based e-liquids are used more than VG-based ones.  Propylene Glycol is a tasteless and odorless substance, and  doesn’t affect the taste of the e-liquid.

  PG-bases are thinner than the VG bases; so they don’t clog cartomizers and atomizers as fast but do not produce as much vapor.  Personally I would take a higher amount of PG get more miles out of my hardware.

 VG-based e-liquids produce a thicker cloud of vapor than pG.  Other than the need to change cartomizers more often due to clogging. 

So yes you may have those massive hits but you will be spending a lot more on new equipment.

 A side effect of PG-based liquids is their tendency to cause dry mouth, especially when used frequently throughout the day.  


VG being so much thicker  results in a denser and richer vapor cloud, but  cartomizers and atomizers (or their heads) must be replaced in a shorter period of time when using VG-based liquids. 

Vegetable Glycerin does have a very subtle taste to it, which may alter the intended flavor of the liquid faintly.


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The most common combinations are 30% VG/70% PG or 20% 

VG/80% PG.  .  The combination bases generally result in smooth

, rich, flavorful, and dense vapor production, without decreasing

 the life of the cartomizer or atomizer in any substantial way.  

7'S ecigarettes carries a well balanced combination of VG and PG 

bases, that allows for a great vaping experience.

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